Services we've rendered

In the past and present, there are ways in which we have helped clients of varying sizes. This page serves as a sampling, but not necessarily a complete list of these clients.

InnerVision Photographic Studio
InnerVision Studios is a rentable photographic studio in Windhoek Namibia.
This site was made from scratch and designed by Cranial Studios in close collaboration with the client. Besides a functional and minimalist design, we also ran an in-depth SEO campaign, helping the client to get found on the internet.
Origin Tours Namibia
Origin Tours are a tour operator in Namibia. They offer a variety of tour options to suit different price categories.
This site was built around their branding, which was provided by the client.
Private School Swakopmund
Private School Swakopmund, as the name suggests, is the homepage of the Private School in Swakopmund
Offering a design that is different than most others in the education sector, a minor SEO campaign, bilingual content, as well as a complete content management system, this site proved value for money for the client and is currently receiving more traffic than most other educational institutions in the country.
Pin-Up Jobs Namibia
Pin-Up Jobs is a job site that we made in house. Not only is every line of code written by us, but it also offers something that noone else can provide in the market: Social network integration. With jobs being pushed directly into people's facebook feeds, we try to make it as easy as possible to find a Job in Namibia.
Pin-Up Property Namibia
Pin-Up Property is a Namibian property portal that we also developed in house. The effectiveness of the Pin-Up brand in the Namibian market made this a logical next step, and the social media integration first seen on Pin-Up Jobs is deeper here than ever before. Here we tried very hard to learn from the mistakes of others, while delivering a solution that's beneficial for everyone to use, whether youre letting, selling or looking for property in Namibia

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